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You're home.

What could feel better than knowing you’re in a secure, connected, protected, beautifully integrated home?
An Aurum Integrated Home™ means things work exactly as expected: lights adjust, music plays, screens descend, shades rise, your home hums to life before you even wake up. Control everything when you’re home, on your way, or out of town.
Home Theater
More Than A MAN CAVE

Entertain like a boss with an incredible, immersive home theater experience. Family and friends will feel like they’re part of the action in your state-of-the-art entertainment space – whether you dedicate a room to your home theater, liven up your living room, or just upgrade the man cave.

Surround Sound

Immerse yourself in an incredible audio experience that puts you at the center of the action

Projection Systems

Transform your space with a touch of a button when you’re ready to start the show

Ultra HD TV

Dazzle your audience with the latest and best video resolution available

Take it outside
Extend the luxuries and conveniences of home into your great outdoors.
Environmental Lighting

Showcase your gorgeous outdoor spaces with just the right light and ambiance


Take movie night outdoors


Control audio, video, lighting & security - all from the comfort of your chaise lounge

Now you're

Pull up a recipe, see who gets Chopped, or get culinary inspiration from your favorite music.


Keep the activity buzzing in your kitchen with music, TV and internet


Protect your investment from fire, smoke and water damage through smart monitoring

Sleep Soundly
You're in an Aurum Integrated Home™.
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