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You're In Control

Your home
is your castle
An Aurum Integrated Home™ is the modern castle, with every function at your command. Seamless integration and cutting-edge technology give you the power to create and control the feel of every room, right from the palm of your hand.

We’ll work closely with you to design, install and maintain:

Climate & Windows
Audio / Video
Enjoy The SHow

A great audio/video system provides a soundtrack, a visual escape and a way to connect (and disconnect) with the world. With an Aurum integrated system, you control how you experience your media: streaming services, high-fidelity audio, ultra HD video – all at your fingertips.

All Access

Music enhances everything, so have it everywhere. Access your collection with state-of-the-art audio technology.

Stunning Visuals

The hottest movies and biggest games come to life on the best video systems. Optimize your visual experience with crisp, high-def screens and Ultra HD TV.


Relax knowing that our 24/7 service team is on call to guarantee reliable, uninterrupted performance.

Safe & Sound

Get the peace of mind you need with Aurum's integrated security services. Home or away, you have total control over security systems, video monitoring and more…all from your smartphone. Rest assured your family and home are safe and secure, wherever you are.

Video Surveillance

See who’s at the door, or anywhere on your property, day or night, yesterday or today.


Easily set alarms, garage and door locks. Automate scenes that wake up your home, or put it to sleep.

Environmental Monitoring

Know you’re protected with intelligent devices that alert you to potentially harmful events: water, natural gas leaks or fire.

Light it up

Energetic workspaces, places to unwind and entertain, or dynamic displays all depend on ideal lighting. Your Aurum Integrated Home™ will sense and set all the beautiful nuances that make for great lighting and the perfect mood.


Create the perfect environment before you even pull into your driveway. Settings and ambiance set the scene as you walk through the door.


Keep your home safe and secure with automated lighting, from near or far. Simulate an occupied home from anywhere with strategically timed lighting.


Slash your energy bills by eliminating unnecessary lighting. Efficient programming takes the guesswork out of your utility bill.

Climate & Windows
Let The
Sun Shine In
Or don’t! With automatic window shades, you can safeguard your belongings and help control the temperature in your home – all while still enjoying the view.
automated shades

Protect your furniture, carpeting and artwork from damaging UV rays.

energy savings

Save on heating and cooling costs with window shades that are programmed according to the location of the sun and the season.

perfect ambiance

Wake up with the sun in the morning, or eliminate glare in the afternoon. An Aurum Integrated Home™ lets you fine tune the ambience throughout your home.

Climate Control
An Aurum Integrated Home™ gives you the power and freedom to create your own temperate zone. Cue your A/C while you’re stuck on the freeway, or warm up your home while your family’s still asleep. Temperature is dynamic, so own the ability to control it on demand, saving energy and creating the perfect comfort zone.

Set your precise comfort level, room by room. Easily adjust levels for personal comfort.


No more clunky thermostats. Ever. Keep your walls clean and clutter-free.


Intelligent and intuitive programming lets you conserve energy while living in perfect comfort year-round.

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